ADFG-logo_400pxAt the 2017 Great Alaska Sportsman Show, in the Northeast corner of the Sullivan Arena, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will have staff from the Division of Sport Fish and the Division of Wildlife Conversation who will be available to answer questions and hand out informational materials.

The always popular ADF&G seminars will take place on Stage 2 where staff will host over 20 seminars on fishing and hunting. In addition, ADF&G will host the Kid’s Fishing Pond in the Ben Boeke Arena where kids 12 years old and under can practice their angling skills. Also, young marksmen can practice their shooting skills at the Hunter Education Laser Shoot Range.


King Career Center sponsors and provides volunteers to manage the Fishing Pond, provided by the Fish and Game department, in the Ben Boeke Ice Arena #2 during the event. The Great Alaska Sportsman Show supports KCC by giving a portion of each child’s ticket directly to the program. Donations are made for the King Career Center to help students transition from school to working careers.

ADF&G sponsors the Bird Treatment and Learning Center (Sullivan Arena-NE Mezzanine)

Below is the schedule for when each bird will be available for viewing and who will be presenting.

March 30th
4:00-5:00  N. Sawwhet Owl Sharon Larson
5:00-6:00  GH Owl (Hoot) Sharon Larson
6:00-7:00:  Merlin (Taz) Karen Coady
7:00-8:00: Boreal Owl (Fang) Karen Coady
March 31st
12:00-1:00: GH Owl (Galen) Amy Kilshaw
1:00-2:00:  GH Owl (Galen) Amy Kilshaw
2:00-3:00:  Bald Eagle Terri Johnson
3:00-4:00:  Bald Eagle Terri Johnson
4:00-5:00:  Red Tailed Hawk Bev Cason
5:00-6:00:  Short Eared Owl Bev Cason
April 1st
10:00-11:00: Boreal Owl Chris Maack
11:00-12:00: Boreal Owl Chris Maack
12:00-2:00: NW Crow Elise Patkotak
1:00-2:00: Bald Eagle Lisa Pajot
2:00-3:00: Great GreyOwl Cathy Sage
3:00-4:00: Great Grey Owl Cathy Sage
4:00-5:00:   Merlin Karen Coady
5:00-6:00: Merlin Karen Coady
April 2nd
10:00-11:00: Peregrine Falcon Bev Cason
11:00-1:00: NW Crow Lisa Pajot
12:00-1:00:Boreal Owl Karen Coady
1:00-2:00: Boreal Owl Karen Coady
2:00-3:00:  Short Eared Owl Stefanie Miller
2:00-4:00: GH Owl (Hoot) Sharon Larson